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Sportsheets has recently come out with a new line of high-quality, inclusive, and comfortable harnesses for bodies size XS to XXXL.  This new line features three different harnesses:


  •  Contour

Contour is a red jock-style harness that is both wicking and flexible.  It comes prepared with a built-in 1.5″ o-ring and (2) bullet pockets for extra stimulation where you need it most.


  • Silhouette

Silhouette is a black and high-waisted harness that, like the Contour harness, is moisture-wicking and flexible.  It comes equipped with a large o-ring and (2) bullet pockets.


  • Fit

Fit is a more basic harness that has a more of a boy-short design.  Again, like the other harnesses, the Fit is moisture wicking and flexible, so you can stay comfortable no matter how rough the sesh.  It also comes with a large o-ring and (2) bullet pockets.




Em.Ex and other Sportsheets products are now in stock and shipping at Nalpac Wholesale.

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