NEW Nalpac Mobile App! Ordering has never been so easy!

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App Now Available On iOS!

Nalpac is proud to announce the release of version 1.3.0, Nalpac Mobile App.


The Nalpac Mobile App is now available on the Apple App Store & Google Play store. We first utilized the Nalpac Mobile App at our open house event, where our guests had an easier shopping and ordering experience. Now the app is available to organize and build orders for any Nalpac Customer.

The Nalpac Mobile App allows customers to scan any bar-coded item available in Nalpac inventory to create quick and easy order lists.

Users will organize lists of Nalpac items they are interested in. The app has wholesale price, discounted price, and detailed information for each product. The Nalpac Mobile multiple shopping list feature is built-in technology allowing users to conveniently order for multiple stores.  Any completed shopping list can later be uploaded to the shopping cart for submission directly to Nalpac.

In addition to simplified ordering; Nalpac Mobile will contain all current blogs and promotions.

*Please note: We are on version 1.3.0. Log your comments and critiques under “Found A Bug?” in the Nalpac Mobile settings menu.

Ask your sales representative for help! IT support is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Email >>

For app login help, please email
Include your Nalpac customer number (if you know it)

Screenshots & Features:



Shopping Cart – This is the ‘Checkout Cart’; where you will submit your next Nalpac order.

Shopping Lists – You can create multiple shopping lists to organize desired products.

Search – Know what you are looking for? Search using valid UPC, SKU, Manufacturer number or Keywords!

Scan Allows you to scan bar codes for any Nalpac item with UPC, SKU or Manufacturer number.

Order History – Allows you to visit all past orders, whether they are shipped or not, and details all related information. (Invoices, Shipping/Billing, Order Lines, Packages).

Blog – Contains current event details and promotions.
Settings – Information clearing, Bug Reporting, and the option to Send a Shopping List to Your Email in an easy spreadsheet with Product Name, SKU, and Quantity.






For app login help, please email
Include your Nalpac customer number (if you know it)





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