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Meet Pride by Avant. Modern, colorful, and versatile. These distinct artisanal toys are crafted with pleasure in mind. These penetrative toys are harness compatible and feature a deep, strong suction cup base. Made of body safe, platinum cured silicone. Each one has a color scheme based on the pride flag that it represents!

See what each flag means here.

This collection is a perfect offering for any adult store!

• unique

• colorful

• non-porous

• boilable

• easy to clean

• warm with your body or by running under warm water

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“As much as I love a good dildo and vibrator, they will never ever ever be a replacement for a human! Even though I think most people probably understand this on some level, I frequently hear people making jokes about how they’ll *never need a partner again* or something along those lines. These statements all come from a well meaning place I think, but perpetuate the stigma that toys are for lonely people and/or are a threat to a significant other. I talk to countless people who are either someone afraid they’ll intimidate a partner with a toy, or they’re a someone who’s already been intimidated from a toy’s presence. Toys aren’t inherently intimidating, it’s the way we interact with and talk about them that gives them that weight. A toy will never be able to cuddle you like a human, and a human will never be able to vibrate or feel like a toy. Think of toys as tools that’s are equally awesome whether you’re on your own or sharing the magic with someone else 🙃” 📹: The awesome @thongria! ❤️

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What am I up to, you ask? This. 😍

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