Touching is sexy. A light caress can send shivers down your spine as deeply as any embrace. Your partner feels that shiver as you brush back, asking for more as intuitively as if it were your own body, and they oblige as silently as if you shared a brain. Why shouldn’t your vibrator respond the same way?

Viotec has brought this intuition to your vibrator. With three G-spot stimulating massagers, Viotec has brought the first touchscreen and touch panel operated vibrators to North America. Equipped with multiple vibration patterns, their touch-operated bases, tilted for an ergonomic grip, increase and decrease between three speeds with a simple swipe of the finger.

On Fallen City, an elegant black and bronze touch panel sits atop a curved silicone body that graduates to a bulb optimized for G-spot stimulation. The power button cycles through seven vibration patterns. Once you’ve found your favorite, swipe left or right to increase or decrease sensation as you please. When you feel your peak, grip the button on the back for instant maximum power. Blossom features all the function of Fallen City in a rabbit vibrator. Each swipe increases sensation in the clitoris as well as inside for double the pleasure. Use it poolside or underwater with its waterproof, submersible construction.

For completely touch-operated interactivity, turn to Chance. Atop its flexible, effeminate body is a fully interactive touchscreen. Turn it on with the beautiful Swarovski Crystal button on its necklace adornment. The small screen displays which pattern of six is vibrating, and which intensity of three it’s vibrating at. Swipe left and right to cycle through patterns, or up and down to scroll through intensities. Or turn to DIY mode to directly select your preferred pattern and intensity to start upon powerup. Double tap the crystal to immediately jump to maximum speed. The silicone body and sealing charging port make Chance splashproof for uninhibited play and easy cleaning.

Touch operation is quickly becoming the standard format of luxury goods. If your phone, car, and even your refrigerator functions with it, why shouldn’t your vibrator? Visual operation opens features previously inaccessible or restricted in adult pleasure products, like full digital display of battery life, or instantaneous pattern and intensity customization. Touch operation brings simpler control to users with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other mobile disabilities. With years of experience as a former smartphone manufacturer, Viotec is the company to bring this technology to you. More pleasure products are forthcoming in the form of wands and other devices, as is more touch operation in the form of remotes.

Like a painter with a brush or a violinist with a bow, fewer barriers between your hands and your instrument brings more intimate control. Viotec’s modern approach to sex toy operation brings intuitive control to your personal pleasure.

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