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We are proud to announce the return of We-Vibe to our warehouse!

Why masturbate alone when you can masturbate with a friend? In 2008 Standard Innovations introduced the original We-Vibe and everything changed. Dubbed the “couple’s vibrator” it was designed to be worn on the woman’s vulva during sex… Suddenly, vibrators seemed to have more market share in the bedroom.

What’s New:

Since 2008, We-Vibe has defined and dominated the couple’s vibrator segment, continuing to be ranked as the number one couple’s vibe in the industry. But We-Vibe didn’t stop there; engineers and industrial designers worked closely with sexual wellness experts, doctors, and consumers to create intimate products that work in sync with couple and solo play. The Touch, Nova, Rave, Wish & more (see below) are the results of their development. We-Vibes latest items have an array of features, such as: improved comfort, wearability, multiple vibration patterns, charging cradles, and remote controls. There’s even the We-Vibe Jive that connects via bluetooth for additional versatility.

As a result these new features helped blaze a path to success in the Adult Novelty Industry. FYI – In 2015, the global sex toy market was valued at about 21 billion U.S. dollars according to statista.com. Some observers say that figure could grow to $52 billion by 2020. (marketwatch.com)

Do you have We-Vibe?

So right about now, you’re probably wondering… “Do I have We-Vibe in my store?” Nalpac can certainly help you with that.

Buy We-Vibe for your store now on nalpac.com and get your piece of that billion dollar pie.


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 Sync Purple
No.1 couples vibe shaped to wear during sex for G-Spot and clitoral stimulation

Ditto Blue
Add a new stimulation to your intimate play during any activity

Anniversary Collection
The no.1 couples vibrator and the most powerful mini-vibe, together in an exclusive travel-ready play case

Unite Purple
Perfect entry-level couples vibrator for hands-free clitoral stimulation

Ditto Purple
Add a new stimulation to your intimate play during any activity


Pivot Blue
A high quality ring that provides clitoral stimulation during sex

Jive Blue
Add adventure to your routine with the ultimate in discreet pleasure

Touch Purple
Soft and shapely with gentle contours to caress all the right places

Tango Blue
The most powerful mini-vibe, with pin-point stimulation

Tango Pleasure Mate Collection
Powerful mini-vibe with 2 silicone forms create the all-in-one pleasure set

Verge Slate
Perfectly contoured to stimulate the perineum during any activity

Nova Pink
Combined pleasure of G-spot stimulation with clitoral vibration

Sync Aqua
No.1 couples vibe shaped to wear during sex for G-Spot and clitoral stimulation

Rave Purple
Beautifully sculpted for the ultimate G-spot experience

Wish Blue
Sink into the plush power. Experience a new sensation with PowerPulse™

Tango Pink
The most powerful mini-vibe, with pin-point stimulation

Bloom Coral
Tone and strengthen your PC muscles while feeling the vibrations

Match Periwinkle
Mid-tier couples vibrator for added pleasure to the G-spot and clitoris


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