Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant

Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based LubricantLet’s talk about selling lube!!!

Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant – This is the first of many Nalpac #sexfacts blog posts. These posts revolve around polls done for podcast “Sex With Emily” For those of you who don’t know who Emily is here is a little background:

“Emily Morse is a sex and relationship expert, Doctor of Human Sexuality, and creator and host of the iTunes top-rated podcast Sex with Emily, which has helped millions of people achieve the love life they desire. Recently Esquire Magazine named Sex With Emily as one of the Top 12 Sex Podcasts, and Morse has been voted the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter. Thanks to her educated and friendly approach, Emily has proven to be the go-to expert for all things sex and relationships.” Learn more about the Doctor HERE

Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant

According to this poll 61% of responding lube users prefer water-based lube. Silicone lube buyers were at a measly 18%. As an adult novelty retailer that makes you think, right?

After seeing the results of this poll there is only one conclusion to come to… We need to educate our customers about lube! They just do not know the differences. It’s safe to say that if they did, they may choose to purchase silicone lubes along with their water-based.

So let’s talk about how to sell just as much silicone lubricant as water-based lubricant.

Tell them about some of the great benefits of silicone:

• Less reapplying

• Great for water play

• Slick and smooth

• Skin safe

• Preferred lube for anal

While, yes water-based is a great go-to, but silicone has benefits water-based just does not.

What type of customer should you stear to silicone lubricant?

• Someone that’s buying Sex in the Shower or other items for water-play

• A customer buying anal type toys/items

• Someone with sensitive skin

• Anyone buying plastic, glass, or metal sex toys

We recommend having your customer test both lubes at the same time, dab one hand with silicone and the other with water-based and watch their reaction as they rub their fingers together. It may result in selling a bottle of each!


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Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant









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